Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unity Village Phase 3 { Concept}

So excited today, after a good nights sleep my brain is working again and i have tons of ideas about how to go about the new concept for Ms. Sostre's Apartment.

Pattern.Pattern.Pattern.... I was a little concerned about my design, it just wasn't there yet. This apartment is for a single mother and two little girls, and though i have met all their needs such as storage space, display shelving, open floor plan and space for tea parties the space isn't cheerful enough for a family of three girls.  I can't believe this hasn't dawned on me before but spaces that i am usually make me happy are full of not only light and color but pattern and texture.  I think my new concept should be about not only filling space with light but filling it with a spectrum of pattern and shape. I already have patterns appearing everywhere on the walls from the book shelves and storage that i've designed but how can i push that further.  Here are some pieces that i plan to use in my space to help further this idea.......
Room and Board

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