Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wedding Photos

I can't believe I have been married for over 4 months now. The past year has flown by and certainly has kept me busier then ever. Finally I give you some of my favorite shots from the day. It was amazing! 

Photos by Tim Robison 

Coral . White . Champagne . Midnight blue 

Coffee filter swags over long tables 

Antique trunk used for gifts. 

Candy dishes filled with goodies for the late night guests.

I handmade all of my bouquets which I love because they will never die. 

Champagne stripes with coral flowers I made to match the bouquets

                            Childhood photos hanging in the trees as an entrance to our reception.
                                                             Made my husband cry : )

                                                               My girls looked amazing!

Cotton candy favors made by non other than the bride herself : ) and my sweet maid of honor Iliana. 

Such a magical day! As beautiful as my wedding day was, I must say nothing is more beautiful then marrying your best friend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Bows

                    LOVE THESE!!! A customer of mine requested these adorable bows for here business. 
        These i think are my favorite that i have made. I just want to put them on everything! 

Gets your own custom bows here!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Something bright on this gloomy day

It's been raining cats and dogs today! So I made these cheerful pinwheels for my shop to brighten things up a bit. 

So fun, now I really want to have a dinner party, How cute are these for the table. 

Find them here in my new shop A Wedding Journey

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Flowers {Cake}

CAKE!!! Oh my goodness my cake was out of this world good. My friend Crystal Bradley of Roanoke Rapids, NC made this four layer champagne and white striped cake. Inside were layers of almond pound cake with raspberry filling and vanilla cake with orange cream filling all covered in fondant.

The flowers of course made by me. I couldn't help myself I wanted these flowers everywhere! I must say they worked beautifully. 

Thank you Crystal !

Glenwood Diner

 With all the excitement of graduating college and getting married I completely forgot to post my final project. Our last project was to design a mixed-use space for a neighborhood close to the University. With my love of diners I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what better way to bring a community together than with good food and friendly faces. 
 The space I had to work with was from a previous building I designed in a group project. I had to work  what was there so I took advantage of the view of the neighborhood park and the tall ceilings.

  Ceilings were over 20 feet high in this space so I used horizontal beams to bring the eye down and out  onto the diners outdoor space. This also allows for a cozier space for people to come together.

 I used familiar aspects of a diner such as stainless steel counter space for sitting, an open kitchen and bakery items on display.

I really enjoyed working on this last project. I can't believe it's over and school is out for good. It seems like just yesterday I was starting into the Interior Architecture program at UNCG not knowing what I was in for. Four years of sleepless nights, constant eating, screaming at times, and I'm pretty sure I lost some hair. Totally worth it! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Day at Anthro

Today was my last day interning with Anrthopologie. After two semesters of of being with the Greensboro store it's sad to leave but what i got from my experience at Anthro I'll take with me forever. 
Anyone interested in a hands on internship where the creativity never stops and the pace never slows down i suggest this internship to. This internship is not for the one who doesn't want to get there hands dirty. Spilled paint, died hands, splinters, and sunburns are required! : ) I had a blast and coming away from this i feel like my creativity these days is overflowing and i enjoyed being inspired everyday i worked at Anthro. Thanks to the Greensboro Anthropologie store for having me not once but twice and for all the good times! Love, your favorite intern : ) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finished Window for Earth Day


After a few last tweaks, a barnacle here and barnacle there, the new window for the Greensboro Anthropologie store is now complete! 
This beautiful window was inspired by the coral reef for Earth Day! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Barnacles at the door

 After completion of the window we have added a moment outside the store in the entrance way. This was a nice way to compliment the apparel on display. The contrast between the green wall and the barnacles is really nice.

Save The Date

With 43 days left on the count down until the big day I think it's about time to start updating my blog with all the  projects I have been able to get my hands into. From invites to showers to flowers you name it I have worked on it. This has been an experience I will surly never forget. How I have managed to hold down an internship, go to school full-time, keep up with the E shop, and plan a wedding is beyond me and lets not even begin to discuss all the extras life has thrown my way. 

So today I give you our save the dates! 
These were so easy, we just picked an engagement photo, added a little text in illustrator, save and printed at the drugstore for super cheap. 
Photo taken by Tim Robison

Earth Day Window Install

This week at Anthro we are installing the newest window display. After cutting 100's of  recycled egg crates, bending and twisting them into new shapes we glued all the individual pieces together into sections. Each section was painted and now were heading out onto the floor for installation. Today we spent in the window connecting each section with wire and molding the window into a beautiful sea of purple barnacles.

Finished photos to come!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bracelet Fixture Competition

 This week Paige was involved in a competition between Anthro stores for designing a bracelet fixture from found items in her art room. I must say that our solution came out pretty awesome and the Greensboro store took 2nd place. So big congrats Paige! As you can see there is always so much going on for the design coordinators at Anthropologie retail stores!