Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up! The Holidays at Anthropologie!

  And this is how we do the Holidays at Anthro! I love decorating for the Holidays but this took that love to a whole new level. Before the Holidays got started we got a new Design Coordinator for the store. This turned out really cool as much as I hate to see Addie go however she now has started her own event planning business which is amazingly awesome because she is now designing my entire wedding day which I will catch you up with on a later post, and Paige Cox, our new Coordinator is just as talented. Paige also has an Etsy Shop online where she sells her beautiful felted creations, http://www.etsy.com/shop/lulugroove . So great to work with so many creative and inspiring people. 
Can you guess what these gorgeous icicle balls are made off?

If you guessed food picks and styrofoam you guessed right. One of my favorite things about Anthropologie is there use of materials. Anything can make something beautiful. Sure makes you think twice about throwing stuff out huh!

Yep, this icy tree is covered with zip ties! How cool!

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suzanne cabrera said...

Loving all the Anthro updates! You've gotten to have your hands in so many cool projects this year!