Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exploring [Powers of Ten]

As a designer the idea of power of ten has most definitely given me a greater insight on the way we view the universe in connection with the way we design.  As we go about are every day thinking that we are the center of our universe, we are actually but a tiny small piece of what makes up the larger picture. Everything in the universe is connected. Something so small is actually a part of something so much larger. After viewing Charles and Ray Eames short film, Powers of Ten it really made me think about how we view scale and gave me a better understanding of our world in a new perspective. As a designer it helps me see everyday objects with a new frame of reference and better understanding of how things relate to one another. Inspiration is everywhere even in places so small or so large we can’t see them or have time to stop and notice them.  As designers we continue to make connections as we pull inspiration from the world around us. For instance the seashell, something we pick up and collect but we don’t usually give much thought, it seems so insignificant in the palm of our hand. We don’t think about the system it is a part of, it’s function and it’s connection with our universe. Then take that shell and be inspired by it to reconstruct and see it in a new frame of reference. What once was a home for a creature so small is molded and transformed into a skeleton for a home, building, or chair. Powers of ten has helped me see things in a new light has helped expose beauty in the things we find irrelevant on a day to day bases.

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suzanne cabrera said...

These are really nice Tracey!

Miss seeing you and hope the semester is going well! Keep your chin up!