Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Design Development {1}

So here we go again...
A lot has changed, I really tried to focus on how the shape of the building is going to work with the site I have chosen, which I'll be blogging about in my next post. The site has a lot to do with why I have designed this to be see through. 

The color you see are the cosmetics, a wall of eye shadow! Basically these will continue up and over the customers head. When the customer removes one from the bottom the rest will shift down using springs. I think this will be fun to see and be a good way to store stock in a way that can't easily be stolen and won't need stocking that often.

The two arch shapes will slide together, the front over the back which will enclose the space and allow for it to be placed on a truck to be moved to the next location.

A lot has to happen to finalize this design but I think it has a lot of  potential.

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