Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is what my first take on what my Sephora pop-up store could look like!
My concept here is all about the catwalk, about the customer being in the spotlight by having the option of having on site makeup artist apply the products for them. The overall floor plan would allow for easy navigation through the entire space. 

After sitting back and starring at this design now all i could see when i looked at it was beetle juice. beetle juice. beetle juice. Basically i needed to simplify the exterior so it would fit Sephora's streamline aesthetic. 

I removed the outer entrance way columns and pulled extruded the outer stripes giving them depth. I then made the white stripes on the building transparent so that the lighting effects that were happening inside the store were seen glowing through the vertical lines.
 Here is a shot of the cosmetic display I'm working on developing! They are still a little boring and could be more innovative. I do like however the way every thing is placed out in a way that everything is at the customers finger tips so they can feel free to play. I'd like to come up with something allows the stock to be stored somewhere else rather than in drawers under the product.

In design development one I think I have already refined the design and it's getting better from where I started. We had the opportunity to have tvsdesigns critique our work so far and i got some helpful feedback. My next step from here is to see if I can break out of { the BOX} and think more about how the building will be constructed and taken down. 

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