Monday, September 5, 2011

Downtown Greenway {WALK. RIDE. EXPLORE. CONNECT.}

Transcendence Cove is a railroad underpass that needs lighting up to become part of the Greensboro Greenway. For this challenge I had a good friend, Iliana Menendez as a partner for designing a lighting installation for the underpass.

Our concept for our design is about capturing the essence of a walk through natures echoes and abstracting these forms to manipulate light to create a tranquil passageway that is familiar to the heart yet surpassing the ordinary experience of light.
We were inspired by the experience of walking through downtown Savannah GA, where the trees and hanging moss create amazing shadows on the ground that twinkle in the sunlight. The experience is one I'm very fond of and we felt by abstracting and recreating this experience it would be very fitting for this passageway on the trail.

We used a model that we made from various papers, foam core, led lights and a lot of cutting and experimenting to create the effect that we would like to create. You can get and idea of what this experience might be like through this video that was created using our model.

The idea is that the Led lights would be on a track system that would move throughout the day acting like the movement of the sun. This would allow the shadows to shift throughout the day.

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